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Is a trial necessary?

Yes! It's highly recommended for a bride to do a trial which is why it's included in the price of services. The wedding day can be chaotic with last minutes details needing your attention, so it's best if I come with the plan we create during the trial. This will ensure the hair and makeup experience on your wedding day goes smoothly so you and your bridal party can enjoy the best day of your life with ease and relaxation.

How can I prepare for my hair and/or makeup trial?

1. Come to your appointment with a clean, makeup-free face and clean, 100% dry hair.

  • If you are doing both services, I will start with makeup first and then do hair second.

  • I will tone and prep your face with moisturizer, eye cream, etc to ensure maximum perfection.

2. Bring any hair accessories you may want to use. (i.e. veil, clips, etc). 

  • I suggest wearing white to the trial so you can get a general idea of how your wedding day hair and makeup will look with your dress. If you are not wearing a white dress, wear a color that is similar to your dress.

3. Bring inspiration pictures! (Pinterest, Instagram, all are welcome!)

  • This is incredibly helpful in guiding me to what you are looking for, what you like and what you don't like.

  • Please keep in mind these are for inspiration and your look may not look exactly like the picture, though I will try my best.

What can I expect during the trial?

The trial will take place at my location in Northern Virginia (22030). First, we will have an in-depth conversation about your wedding and all the details, what look you are going for as the blushing bride, what you like about certain looks or styles and what you don't, and what your everyday routine is. It's important to me that you still feel you look like yourself at the end, just more glammed up! After completing the services you want, please tell me everything you love and if anything needs to be adjusted. I promise you will leave our appointment totally in love with the way you will look for your wedding day. Once you are completely satisfied, I will take lots of pictures to document and take notes, as well. If I have not sent you a Welcome Packet before the trial, you will receive one at the end with all sorts of good information and goodies (Invoice for remaining balance, timeline for wedding day, referral program card, a copy of the contract, some samples, etc). Once you leave, see how your hair and/or makeup wears for the day and let me know the next day if I need to make any changes.

Can I bring someone with me to the trial?

Absolutely! I would limit the amount of people you bring to 1-2. More than that and the differing opinions can get overwhelming. Remember all that matters is YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL!

Is there a travel fee?

To answer that question, below is the Travel Fee Policy:


A travel fee of $0.70 per mile round trip will be added to the bride's total cost if the location exceeds 30 miles from the area of 22030. Any valet/parking fee will also be paid for by the bride. If multiple stylists are needed, their travel and valet/parking fees will be covered by the bride, as well. If 3 or more stylists are needed, an additional fee of $80 per stylist will be added to the final balance. 

A travel fee will also be applied if I travel to you for the trial.

Is there a deposit?

There is a non-refundable installment due upon booking and signing the contract. This installment is 50% of the bridal price and goes towards your overall balance, covers the cost of the trial and will save the date on my calendar.

When is the final payment due?

The remaining balance and final payment are due one week before the wedding date.

What forms of payment do you take?

In order of preference:

  1. Venmo or Zelle

  2. Cash

  3. Check (If check is bounced due to NSF, then an additional $35 will be added to your balance.)

  4. Paypal (If you choose this option a 3% service charge will be added to your balance.)

What makeup do you use?

We're proudly partnered with Artistry which is a premium , high-quality skincare and makeup line. All products are made with pure, effective ingredients and clinically tested to give beautiful results. The Artistry ExactFit Liquid Foundation, which is the best foundation I've seen for brides or people who are going to be highly photographed, feels light as air and looks just like skin. It has build-able capabilities so we can go from sheer coverage, if your skin is on point, to full coverage if your skin may need a little extra help. It has a beautiful, airbrush-look finish and is HD ready (optimal for photography), so you will look stunning in your pictures! Artistry cosmetics have been used on the models doing New York Fashion Week, so you know it's good stuff! Love or want to try out some products? We can provide you direct access to any and all products from the comfort of your home.

Will my makeup stay on all day?

Yes! Artistry creates high-quality makeup that's made to last. The ExactFit Foundation, which is the best foundation I've seen for brides, last 24 hours and is hydrophobic. That means it will stay on through tears, sweat and humidity. Dance the night away and say goodbye to tear and sweat streaks down your face! An eyelid primer is used to ensure the shadow doesn't crease or budge as well as the Artistry water resistant eyeliner and water proof mascara (so its okay to get teary!). The only thing that might fade is the lipstick, but I got you covered! You will be receiving a full-sized lip color of your choice on your wedding day to reapply before pictures, after the kiss, and throughout the day and night.

Will my hair last throughout the day?

Most of the products I use are from Kenra. I use the thermal setting spray to protect your hair against the heat from the curling iron as well as keep the humidity out of your hair. I use multiple hairsprays with different types of holds throughout the up-do or styling process to ensure longevity of the style. If the weather is not the best, I have a high-hold hairspray to help keep the frizzies and flyaways at bay. I'm not a big fan of crunchy hair-sprayed hair so I do my best at keeping your hair soft and movable. Something to keep in mind: the more you touch it the more the curls will fall and the frizz will appear. Try not to touch your hair (or face for that matter!) to ensure longevity of your entire look.

Can you help me find a skincare routine to ensure I have perfect skin for my wedding day?

Absolutely! It's important for everyone to find a skincare routine that works for them but especially brides. It's best to find a skincare routine about a year or so out, but if your past that time, find one as soon as possible. Artistry has a phenomenal skincare line to help with perfecting your skin. They have international skin research experts who have studied the faces of over 32,000 women around the world to develop custom beauty solutions to meet every woman's concern. So if you have a problem you've yet to find a solution to, there's a pretty good chance we can help you! There is no harm in trying Artistry products as they have a 6-month 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! If you don't love the products within that 180-day window, you'll get a refund!

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