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All your questions answered here!

Is a hair and makeup trial necessary?

A trial for hair and makeup is highly recommended for the bride. A trial allows us to work out the kinks and get to know each other. During the trial, we talk about what your vision is for your wedding-look. We discuss your theme, style and colors for your wedding day, as well as the style of your wedding dress.  This is the time where we play with makeup looks and hairstyles to create the perfect look for you. I will continue to adjust your overall look until your are completely in love with your hair and makeup. The wedding day can be chaotic with all the last minute details needing to be done, so its best I come with a plan that we have already created during the trial to make things go as smoothly as possible

What can I expect for a hair trial?

I ask that you come to me for the trial since I will be traveling you to for the wedding day. Please come with clean, 100% dry hair so I can prep your hair. We will go over styles you like and you can show me pictures from Pinterest, Instagram or elsewhere. Tell me if you LOVE it or if we need to make some adjustments. I am here for you and want you to be completely in love with your hairstyle. Next I will take pictures and make notes so I can replicate the style for your wedding day. Next we will talk about payment and go over the contract if we have not done so previously. The whole process should take about an hour.

Will a travel fee apply?

A travel may apply in the following circumstances:

1. If the amount of people getting services is 2 or less.

2. The location of where you are getting ready is outside of a 20 mile radius.

3. If i need to travel to you for the trial.


*(Other circumstances may require a travel fee.)

Please come with a clean face and put moisturizer if you normally do so. We will talk about your normal makeup routine, colors you normally where, and the type of makeup look you want for your wedding day. Show me pictures you have pinned and we will go from there! Tell me what you love and if there is anything you are not a big fan of. I am here for you and want you to be completely in love with your makeup look! I will take pictures and take notes so I can easily replicate your makeup look. We will discuss payment and the contract afterwards if we have not already done so. The whole process should take about an hour.

What can I expect for a makeup trial?

Can I bring family/friends to the trial?

Absolutely! I suggest having 1 or 2 people there to help you decide. You can bring more people if you want, but it might be a little overwhelming with too many differing opinions. All that matters is YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL!

What forms of payment do you take?





Will my makeup last all day?

Once I have completed your makeup look I apply a setting spray over your face to help lock it in. Lip color is the hardest thing to keep fresh. I use long-lasting lipstick, which in my personal experience has worked very well.  It's important to remember to not touch your face if at all possible. If you do need to touch your face to whatever reason, remember to BLOT with a tissue or napkin. No rubbing at all please! Blotting, instead of rubbing, will help preserve your makeup throughout the day.

Will my hair last throughout the day?

Most of the products I use are from Kenra. I use the thermal setting spray to protect your hair against the heat from the curling iron as well as keep the humidity out of your hair. I use multiple hairsprays with different types of holds throughout the up-do or styling process to ensure longevity of the style. If the weather is not the best, I have a high-hold hairspray to keep the frizzies and flyaways at bay.

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